Hello! Welcome to Blackwood Photography. My name is Gabrielle Johnston, and I am a natural light photographer based out of Albany, Ohio.

Degrees in mass media communications and broadcasting gave me my first taste of formal photography, with classes in traditional technique and videography. After graduating with my master’s, I settled into photography as a hobbyist, pestering family, friends and my dogs with lenses in their faces. Life went on, and my education proved helpful as I doubled as a newspaper photographer in my job as a reporter. By the time I started a family with my husband, I knew photography was something I wanted to pursue, and I began to investigate various possibilities, which eventually lead to the start of Blackwood Photography.

Blackwood is my maiden name, and I choose to identify with it in homage to my father, who not only gave me my first camera, but also tons of love and encouragement. He was and is the best!

I’m not a full-time photographer, nor do I aspire to become one. Photography is a passion; it’s a form of artistic release that I treasure. I know myself, and if I were to pursue photography as a career, it would lose its luster. It would become…a job. And that’s not something I want. So, I stick to making photos as the mood strikes and as opportunity arises! 🙂

If you are interested in working with me, email or connect with me on my Facebook page.


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